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About Us

JRegistry* is a free service for Bar & Bat Mitzvah families to register their party and religious service dates on line. Jewish schools around Toronto keep internal calendars to avoid scheduling conflicts between classmates. JRegistry extends this service beyond the classroom to include camp, sports and other friends.

JRegistry is also a free service for families planning weddings. Many couples often find that their friends are also planning their weddings at the same time. Our centralized calendar helps avoid conflicting wedding dates.

The registration process is quick and simple. Our calendar is easy to navigate. Our website provides a well-organized catalogue of vendor services, such as caterers, entertainers, and rentals, and provides discount coupons.

Avoid the disappointment of friends and family being busy on your special day. With JRegistry, you can let your friends know the date you have booked years in advance.

*JRegistry is a division of Leston Paralegal Services Limited.