Dock Levelers Handbook – A Quick Guide on Dock Levelers and Uses

One of the common problems faced while operating a loading dock is that of the bridging up of the spaces between the warehouse floor or dock and a truck. This is because of the difference of height of different trucks. In order to overcome the problem various machines or tools are used in docks, like dock plates, dock boards, dock levelers.

Dock boards and Dock Plates are generally portable in nature. They are neither fixed to truck nor to the floor. On the other, dock levelers are permanently fixed to the each door of the dock.

Dock levelers are made up of simple metal and comprise of a plate made of metal, known as lip. This lip is the one which is lowered and hinged to the back of the vehicle being used, generally a truck. Dock levelers can be manually operated or it might have mechanical support such as chain or hydraulics, which is by far the best and most used method.

Dock levelers are more expensive than the dock boards and plates which are comparatively light-weight and made up of aluminum plates instead of steel plates. As dock levelers are used to load the heavy-weight cargo into or out of the dock of some factory or building, the lorry or truck can easily set itself with these as they are fixed to the dock. It is not only expensive but also more reliable and able device to solve the problem and handle heavy weighted materials which are because they are fixed and not portable.

There are several categories of dock levelers.

The first one is dock leveler with a pivoting lip. This is the most low-cost leveler. All you need to do is to press a button and the dock leveler will be raised to its highest point and when you release the button, it will come down slowly to join with the floor of the truck. After loading the cargo, press the same button again and it will lift up itself and the lip will be closed at the same time.

Another type is dock leveler with a telescopic lip. It is more expensive than the previous one offering better service with greater flexibility. It has two buttons – the lift button and lip out button. You need to press them respectively.

Another popularly used type of dock leveler is pit or recessed dock leveler.

Dock levelers, in terms of cost, are not only expensive than the dock plates or dock board but also stronger in power. They are perfect for pallet truck, master conveyors, and motorized fork truck. They provide more protection.

The height and length of the levelers are one of the crucial factors as they are used for carrying heavy-weighted motorized materials and because if the dock is higher or lower, it will be a hindrance to join up with the floor of the vehicle.

It can create blockage as well as damage can occur to the equipment and to the car. Another thing also needs to be checked that is the leveler’s capacity. It also needs to be weather friendly and possesses anti-skid surfaces and antifreeze surfaces.

For installing dock levelers in your factory or building consult with professional companies which provide necessary information.