5 Gadgets In Your Kitchen That Have Altered The Cooking Patterns

Have you ever felt helpless because you couldn’t just stop thinking about some dish you ate at a restaurant sometime back? Ever wondered why that dish gave your taste buds an explosion of flavors? Well, if you haven’t noticed already, let me tell you that technology is no more confined only to the gadgets you use at work, but has rather found its applications in the kitchen as well. Many of the restaurants nowadays are using the latest gadgets which have totally reformed the way food was dealt earlier in the kitchen. Let’s have a look at 5 gadgets which are making cooking experiences more fun than you can think:

1. Smart Jar:

What else could be better to start than the smartest storage option available in the market? The “Neo” smart jar is the savior of all the people who constantly forget what ingredients they are running empty on. All you need to do is input the details of the ingredients into their smart-phone based app before you put them into the jar. The jar will keep a track of the nutritional content as well as remind you to buy the ingredients once you start running low on them. The wireless charging and Bluetooth operations make the jars very easy to operate and tempt the people to buy them as soon as they can!

2. SmartGrill:

This goes for all the grill food fans out there! SmartGrill, manufactured by the company named “Lynx”, is probably the smartest grill available in the market right now. SmartGrill totally justifies its name with a feature that allows it to go through online databases in order to come up with the perfect grilling timing and technique for the dishes to give them their authentic flavors. With additional features such as smart-phone connectivity, voice recognition and easy to use interface, this probably deserves to be on the top of your shopping list, isn’t it? Then what are you waiting for? Go to Nella Cutlery and but it (or any of the kitchen equipment) at the least possible rates.

3. The Imperial Spherificator:

The Imperial Spherificator is something which you will take a minute to read about, an hour to Google and a day to believe what it actually has the capability to do. The Imperial Spherificator is the world’s first automatic device which converts your food into pearls or caviars. Priced at $149.99 at the website, the device indeed falls under the value for money category. Don’t believe us? Better start Googling!

4. Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster:

This is probably the most important gadget which will give your day a much needed kick-start. The gadget can be operated wireless with an android or iOS based app and works with any green coffee available in the market. Indeed a handy purchase for everyday use!

5. Drop Scale And Recipe App:

If you remember the horrors of adding either too much or too little of the most important ingredients in your dish, this gadget is tailor-made for you. The Drop Scale with an associated recipe app supported on smart-phones is the perfect solution for people who forget the ratios in which the ingredients are supposed to be added. The device can also be used to mix drinks which make it the ultimate choice for all those who have been longing for the perfect glass. Cheers!

While most people have adapted to the changes in their kitchen, some are still reluctant to try these new gadgets because they don’t feel it’s worth their money. Well, you can’t really judge a book by its cover. Why don’t you buy some kitchen gadgets and become a smart chef yourself?